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Quality & Extensively Health Tested Rottweilers and Great Dane bred occasionally for loving family homes only


Welcome to our website, we are Mandy and Terry and we both have a great love for all animals but especially mad about dogs, we share our home with our 4 legged kids and slowly but surely they have taken over our lives! We do not have any children our dogs ARE our children, though all our dogs are around children of many different ages on a regular basis as they are all part of our family.


Rotties are a breed that we have always wanted and after many years of researching good bloodlines and visiting crufts to meet top breeders as soon as the time was right we purchased our first fantastic dog 'Taz' in 2002, followed immediately by our very Beautiful and much missed 'Bella'.... that was to be the start of our evergrowing family!


Our kennel name is a combination of my dad's name 'Roy' and the first part of our surname 'Champ'. Our kennel, our home and all our dogs are dedicated to the memory of my wonderful dad who is missed dearly by us all. He was a huge animal lover and was especially mad about dogs which is where i get it from and i am sure he would be proud to have our home, kennel name and all our babies dedicated to him. I also know that my dad will be taking care of my babies i have lost and spoiling them all rotten until we all meet again one day. Kiss each one everyday for me dad x


We prefer to think of ourselves as a family rather than a kennel as all our dogs are our babies. We are very passionate about our breeds and currently own 8 Rotts and 6 Great Danes who we love dearly! This as i am sure you can imagine makes for a very busy day - everyday!

All our babies are members of our family first and foremost and their wellbeing always comes before anything. All of our dogs are fed a raw diet and they are thriving on it, we believe this is the best and most natural way to feed and our dogs most definately agree! Read the 'Feeding' page for more information on our kids diet.


We breed for quality and not quantity and therefore have the occassional litter, health is a big priorty for us and so all our dogs are hip and elbow scored, heart checked, thyroid checked and DNA tested for the relevant breed diseases. All our puppies to date are consistently achieving good health results, which we are very proud of and most importantly everyone of our dogs and their offspring all have wonderful temperaments which is very important to us. We aim to breed quality dogs that are sound both physically and mentally which will make fantastic pets as well as having show potential, though we do not feel having a winning show dog is the be all and end all and we love all our babies unconditionally. Once we make a dog a part of our family it is here to stay, we are very proud to say that we have never parted with a dog simply because things didnt quite work out as planned or for any other reason for that matter and we have no intention of ever doing so in the future all our dogs are here to stay!


Any puppies we have are to go to permanant loving homes only and will be sold with a contract and their registrations endorsed for the future welfare of all roychamp dogs. All endorsements will be fully explained. We want the best future possible for all our puppies and therefore new owners will be vetted! We WILL ask you questions and would expect YOU to do the same.


****We do not sell our puppies as guards****

****We do not sell puppies to third parties****

****Sorry, we do not export our puppies as we feel this is very stressful for such a young baby****


We moved from london to cambridgeshire to a house with 2 acres for my babies to enjoy and of course for me to be able to expand my evergrowing family. Our dogs spend most of their day playing football and frisbee in the paddock or just lazing in the sun, they often have the free run of the property throughout the day. Our dogs happiness is VERY important to us.

Until we moved i was a veterinary nurse and loved my job, however now i get to spend all day with my own dogs, and a very long day it is too!   I also hold a grade 'A' higher diploma in canine care, health and behaviour.

My dogs are my passion and i will try to play my part in continually striving to improve both these truely magnificent breeds!!!


We are members of Rottweiler Welfare Association and Rottweiler Owners Trust.


You can take a look at all of our babies on their own individual pages from the links above.


Any enquiries about any of our dogs or upcoming litters are welcome.

We are always happy to talk about rotts and dogues.

Please leave your comments and tell us what you thought of us and all our babies!


CALL US ON: 01945-467743  OR  07717-750550


IMG_4051 water babies
111 - crop
18 - sky in middle with her mum & dad
26- sky playing with sasha - crop

Please leave any thoughts or comments about us and our dogs below. thank you

109 - mel & jazz
11 - crop
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110 - head shot
110 - head shot (2)


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