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                             DAM: ROYCHAMP DARK DELIGHT


                           SIRE: VANYA VLAD OF ROYCHAMP


                                            D.O.B: 10/3/2013


                                          HIP SCORE: 4:7 = 11


                                      ELBOW SCORE: 0:0 = 0


                                 DNA TESTED FOR JLPP: CLEAR


                                DNA TESTED FOR DM: CLEAR


                                    CURRENT WEIGHT: 38KG

    jet  -  roychamp one wild night

Jet is our youngest rottie and she is out of Jasmine and Diesel's final litter, a crazy litter of 15......yes 15 puppies!

she is a very intelligent little lady with a very gentle and loving nature.

She is growing into a beautiful female with a beautiful head and lovely expression.


She mixes well with everyone but her best buddy and soul mate is our boy blade


Jet has an excellent pedigree and we have now recieved her hip and elbow results which were excellent, all being well jet will be part of our breeding program and we would hope to put her to blade at sometime in 2016


Jet is not a large girl but is nicely proportioned with a nice dark eye and gorgeous rich markings, she is very athletic and well toned with lovely construction and movement.


She would sit on your lap all day given the chance and we are very pleased with how she has developed and hope to have a puppy from her ourselves at sometime in the future



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